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She has made the claim, "Black Americans are doing worse off economically today than we were doing in the 1950s under Jim Crow," adding that this is because "we've only been voting for one party since then. "[41] She has attributed economic improvements for African Americans such as low unemployment rate to Trump's presidency; however, fact-checkers have noted that economic outcomes for African Americans under Trump were a continuation of trends from President Barack Obama's tenure. [41] When asked if it was problematic that white supremacist groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, support Trump, Owens answered that Antifa was more prevalent than the KKK. [41] Owens has said that the media cover the KKK during Trump's presidency to hurt him. [47] In a 2019 hearing on hate crimes, Owens referred to the KKK as a "Democrat terrorist organization". [48] In 2018, Owens dismissed reports of a resurgence in hate crimes, saying "All of the violence this year primarily happened because of people on the left. "[41] An analysis by The Washington Post showed that at least 20 people died in suspected right-wing attacks, whereas only one person died in suspected left-wing attacks. [41]

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