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Berry Gordy And Michael Jackson

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Berry Gordy III (also known as Berry Gordy Jr. ) was the seventh of eight children (Fuller, Esther, Anna, Loucye, George, Gwen, Berry and Robert), born on November 28, 1929 in Detroit, to the middle-class family of Berry Gordy II (also known as Berry Gordy Sr. ), who had relocated to Detroit from Oconee in Washington County, Georgia, in 1922. The first Berry Gordy was the son of a white plantation owner, James Gordy, in Georgia and his female slave. His half-brother, James, was the grandfather of President Jimmy Carter. Berry Gordy II was lured to Detroit by the job opportunities for black people offered by the booming automotive businesses. Gordy dropped out of high school in the eleventh grade to become a professional boxer in hopes of becoming rich quickly; he boxed professionally until 1950, when he was drafted by the United States Army for service in the Korean War. Arriving in Korea in May 1952, Gordy was first assigned to the 58th Field Artillery Bn. , 3rd Inf. Div. , near Panmunjom. He later became a chaplain’s assistant, driving a jeep and playing the organ at religious services at the front. His tour in the Korean War was completed in April 1953.

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