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Gary Daniels

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In 1995 he played the role he is still best known for the heroic Kenshiro in which he portrayed in the American live-action version of Japanese manga Fist of the North Star. Directed by Tony Randel, and co-stars Costas Mandylor, Chris Penn, Isako Washio Malcolm McDowell, Melvin Van Peebles, Downtown Julie Brown, Dante Basco, Tracey Walter, Clint Howard, Tony Halme, and Big Van Vader. The film, which loosely adapts the first story arc of the original manga, centers on Ken (Daniels), the lone master of the "North Star" martial art school, who wanders the post-apocalyptic Earth in search of his nemesis Lord Shin (Mandylor), the man who killed his master and kidnapped his fiancee Julia (Washio). Meanwhile, Shin rules as dictator of the city of Southern Cross with his personal army known as the Crossmen, who are given orders to hunt down Kenshiro. His second film of 1995 was a supporting role in Heatseeker a science fiction-martial arts film and his second collaboration with Albert Pyun. The film stars Keith Cooke as the lead actor and co-stars Norbert Weisser, Thom Mathews and Tim Thomerson. In his third film that year, he also got his first producer credit as well as being the lead actor in the Joseph Merhi film Rage.

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