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Mayday Parade Tales Told By Dead Friends

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Written by the band in a beach house in Panacea, Florida, the self-titled album was produced by Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, who also produced A Lesson in Romantics. Kenneth Mount tweeted a picture of the album's tentative track list on April 13, 2011. Lead singer Derek Sanders also stated that "Oh Well, Oh Well" would likely be the first track. Four days later, Jake Bundrick, the drummer of Mayday Parade, tweeted to confirm that their third full-length album had been completed. On July 6, 2011, Mayday Parade announced that they would be releasing their new self-titled album on October 4, 2011. They also released the track listing, revealing that the album had 12 songs. On July 27, Mayday Parade premiered the track "Oh Well, Oh Well" for the first time online at Alternative Press. On September 4, it was posted on Mayday Parade's Facebook page that they would be releasing a song from the new album, called "When You See My Friends" via iTunes on September 9. This was posted followed by a series of pictures of the band captioned with lyrics from the song.

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