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Perry is renowned for his tenor vocal range, which spans from F#2 to A5. [42] Perry's voice has been described as a "high 'tenor altino' [with] a tone somewhere between Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin. " He has been dubbed "The Voice",[43][44][45] a moniker originally coined by former chart peer Jon Bon Jovi. [43][44]Queen guitarist Brian May said: "Perry is a truly luminous singer, in my opinion—a voice in a million. "[46] Record executive, producer, and former American Idol judge and Journey session musician[47]Randy Jackson has described Perry's voice as "the golden voice," adding that aside from Robert Plant, "there's no singer in rock that even came close to Steve Perry. The power, the range, the tone—he created his own style. He mixed a little Motown, a little Everly Brothers, a little Zeppelin. " Journey guitarist Neal Schon likened Perry's ability to that of Aretha Franklin, and agreed with Fozzy vocalist Chris Jericho's assertion that Perry "might be the greatest male singer of all time". [48]

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